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The SlipStream sprayer
is busy at several APAC plants,
and at many other leading HMA producers.

Pictured: APAC, Tyrone, GA


- Decreases use of release agent.

- Cuts down time needed to spray from several minutes to 15 seconds.

- Eliminates maintenance almost completely.

- Decreases trucking time for your jobs.

- Decreases waiting time for your jobs and for your customers'.

- Keeps the driver inside the truck.

- Eliminates the risk of the driver falling and getting hurt while spraying.

- Further decreases release agent use by decreasing concentration depending on mix type in each silo.

- Improves effectiveness of release agent by applying even coat.

Decreases amount of release agent that spills off the truck into the yard.

- Alarms if a tarped trucks drives under the silo, saving tarps.

- Works day in and day out.

Standard features:

- Powerful pump and motor provides fast and even coating.

- Water reservoir eliminates water pressure issues.

- Heavy duty valves, fittings and hoses; quality construction throughout.

- Installed

- 30 day money back warranty.

Optional features:

- Will not spray cabs or hoods even if the driver stops at the wrong place.

- Will not spray front-end loaders, aggregate trucks, pavers nor personnel.

- Distinguishes semi and tandem trucks, allowing less release agent for tandems.

- Distinguishes tarped and aggregate trucks, only alarming for tarped trucks.

- Remote control by a touch screen.

- Remote manual override.

- Selection of release agent concentration depending on what's in each silo.

- On-screen reports.

- Warns if trucks are moving too slow or too fast.

- Can guide driver's speed.

- Can handle multiple scales.

- User adjustable timers and settings.

- 750 Gallon water tank for plants without running water

- 110V and no power (solar cell) operation

- Automatic blow-out for the winter in northern regions.

- Single axle (four-wheelers) truck spraying.


What you need to provide:

- 2 GPM of water @ 1 PSI.

- 70 PSI of air.

- 110V at 10 amps (dual scale unit), 240V at 20 amps (single scale), or 480V at 10 amps with disconnect.

- Optional: concrete block in front of its base so trucks do not drive into it.

- Trucks cannot drive at full speed under the sprayer; they need to spend 10 to 20 seconds under the arch. Too Fast//Too Slow electronic sign and guiding runway lights available

Return on Investment:
- This automatic spray system will save you release agent and trucking time at a rate of 7 to 20c/ton or more, depending on how busy your plant is, percentage of paid-trucks vs. retail, local wages, and other factors. Click here to request a report on your expected savings based on your plant data.

- An automatic sprayer pays for itself in a few short months. The only decision you have to make is this: build your own, buy a competitor, or buy a SlipStream sprayer.

This is the most advanced system in the USA,
and possibly in the world.
It's designed to save time and money.

Contact us if you have any questions
or if you want a quotation.


Picture of the touch screen located at the control tower,
on a plant with 6 silos over two scales.

From this screen you can select mix in each silo (PMA vs. conventional), blow down the system in cold weather,
configure maximum spray times, and run reports.

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