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The most complete and streamlined point-of-sale system for the construction industry.

Some of its benefits:
The following are just a few of the hundreds of features built into Digitalteam Ticket:

Minimize trucking expenses

- A radio frequency tag picks up the truck number as it drives into the yard.

- A 4 ft wide sign displays what scale or silo to go to.  It also tells him/her to tarp, to go on hold, to call the foreman, etc.

- At the same time, the truck and job information pops up on a computer monitor, where the operator can modify any information if need be.

- The truck drives to the proper scale.

- The Digitalteam Loadout R truck loading system takes over, executing silo-based material dispensing.

- Once the load is complete, the driver continues on to a free-standing ticket dispenser, signs on an electronic signature pad and receives his signed tickets.

- This process reduces and/or eliminates the drivers' need to get out of the truck.

Assist the plant and the foreman with complete information:

Current users report that they have seen trucks enter and leave the yard within one minute.  Since the ticketing system automatically time-stamps each step of the process (8 times altogether), you can see exactly where you could improve your flow or training.  You can also see how many tons per hour each job is pulling and how long it is taking the trucks to do the rounds.  It even prints on the ticket how much above/below average this truck is taking to complete the run on every ticket.

The system also lets you enter "hold" and "target" figures for each job, so trucks can go on hold automatically upon reaching these figures (avoiding extra loads). The plant operator knows how much more material is needed to complete the job.  It even keeps a history of the changes made to the figures so you can see when the amounts were called in and why they were changed.

Complete flexibility for you and your customers:

The ticketing system keeps track of unlimited customers, each customer with its own jobs, each job with its own locations,   each location with its directions to the job and each location with its own cost-codes and materials.

Example 1:

You set up "Super Paving", one of your best customers, with jobs 1 and 2.

You can define job 1 to be taxable, and job 2 to be metric.

As the day goes by, when the customer calls you, you can tell him how many loads, how many tons, which trucks, how quickly they are cycling, and how many tons per hours they are pulling, per job.

Example 2:

You set up "Construction King" with job 1, and create two locations (Church and Parking Lot).  You can do everything listed in example 1.

You can set master pricing, then pricing per class (for instance, retail different than contractor), and per customer.


Separation of labor:

The ticketing system does not have to reside on the same computer as the Load Out system.  Our busier customers have a clerical person do the job and truck data entry while an operator runs the plant and loads the trucks.


Ergonomic software:

The flow of the software and every keystroke is carefully considered to maximize ease of use.  For instance, to load a truck from your own fleet, it can take as little as 2 clicks; to change 10 trucks from one job, material, and location to a different one is as easy as making the changes to one truck and clicking "apply changes to whole crew".

You can set up messages for a job, a crew, or a truck; so when a truck from either appears in the yard, the message will be automatically displayed on the outdoor sign.

Transfer information to your billing system:

We often export ticketing data that your existing accounting system uses for billing.

Sell anything:

Digitalteam Ticket can sell products that are weighed on the way out, weighed on the way in, or counted (like pails).  It can also convert from pounds to any unit, like gallons.

"Our old plant had a simple DOS system, but I found your ticketing system even easier to use"
Rick Nielsen, plant operator, C&S Limestone, Columbia Station, OH

"I tried it myself. The system cannot be simpler or more efficient to use"
Jim Davis, Plant Superintendent, Cuyahoga Road Products, Cleveland, OH

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