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The Digital Forces group of products brings your yard to a higher level of productivity and cost efficiency.
Truck Sprayer
Slipstream is a revolutionary automatic asphalt-release-agent drive-thru applicator.
DigitalLoad is the state-of-the-art silo load-out system.

Digital Ticket
Digital Ticket is the state-of-the-art point-of-sale system for any sized yard.
DigitalBatch is our batching system. Nothing fancy. It gets the job done right.

Electronic Outdoor Messaging Board
Electronic Outdoor Messaging Board automatically gives information to the driver eliminating confusion on the radio. Typically it tells the driver what silo, go on hold, check tarp, head home, etc.
Electronic Signature Pads
Electronic Signature Pads captures your customers signature for every ticket, stores it digitally and is printed on the ticket.

Remote Printers
Our rugged Remote Printers print the tickets outside which are easily accessible for truck driver, so they can stay inside their truck.
RF Tag System
RF Tag System detects trucks as they drive into yard for accurate truck info every time.

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