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Automatic release agent power shower - SLIPSTREAM

  Our highly advanced power shower system automatically sprays trucks with release agent as they drive through.

- Drivers stay in their trucks.

- The spray only goes where it belongs.

- And you save more than 2 minutes per truck per trip!

  Some of its benefits:    

Save 2 or more minutes per truck – it all happens in about 15 seconds

Driver never leaves cab

Controlled coverage means less wasted fluid (cuts annual usage up to 50%) – also, you don’t pay drivers to sit around waiting for a hand spray to finish

Concentration automatically tailors to silo load mix

Reduces release agent spills from truck to yard

Won’t spray but will sound alarm if truck is tarped

Even coating improves asphalt release

No vacation, no time off, no down time, no excuses

Enjoy the benefits of cutting edge technology

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OK, maybe we lied...

We confess; it’s entirely possible you won’t save 2 minutes per truck per trip. In truth, some of our customers are saving 4-5 minutes. It all depends on how long the spray-down is taking you now. Ours takes 10-15 seconds, so you figure out what the truth is.

How much is it worth?

We’ll let you do the math.

Since we cut out the release agent that’s wasted by over-sprays and uneven application, you’ll use 30-35% less to get the job done. So, in round numbers, divide what you spend on release agent by 3 for the first contribution.

Now let’s figure that getting trucks out faster means you can get 5% more of them through. What’s that worth? Also, if you get a minute, ask your insurance agent whether keeping drivers inside their trucks might reduce your liability rates.

Add it all up, write it down,
then call us for a quote.

We know SlipStream pays for itself
let’s see how soon!

The truck drives through, the spray turns on.

But making it look simple was complicated.

First there was the pressure – we couldn’t depend on inconsistent water pressure, like others spray systems do. So we designed SlipStream with its own industrial (not plastic) pump, steel-braided high-pressure hose (not PVC piping) and stainless steel (not plastic) valves. We got a system that can handle even the thickest release agents, apply them evenly, dilute them as appropriate and control it all.

How precise a control? It covers the complete truck bed evenly (apron, too), but won’t spray cabs or hoods – and won’t spray a tarp, a loader, a flat bed, aggregate trucks or people. It even allots tandem and semis different release agent amounts.


A cheaper price at whose expense?

You’re probably aware that there are other cheaper ways to automatically spray release agent. And we chose the word “cheap” on purpose.

Their systems have little built-in intelligence, while ours use advanced process control. They are built of lightweight materials, while ours are built of heavy-duty components.

To be entirely fair, they can save you a little money up front. But with us, you won’t waste now and forever after as a result of uneven applications, imprecise aiming, or needed maintenance.

While we’re being fair, we understand that despite the long-term benefits, you might not want to spend more up front. OK. When you call us for a quote, feel free to ask about alternatives (like short-term lease and lease-purchase).


OK, already – how much?

- Most SlipStream installations are in the $10-$20,000 range,
depending on the number of scales and options your order.

But it all starts with a quote -  

We’re flexible.
Take your pick; there are lots of ways to get in touch:

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